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Hiking and Biking

Hiking is perhaps one of the most popular outdoor activities in the High Country. There are numerous places to check out, and a variety of trails that would be appropriate for any level. Hiking is a wonderful way to see the many breathtaking views around the High Country.

When going hiking, be sure to wear the appropriate shoes and clothing for the weather and the types of trails you will be hiking on. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to carry along with you a pocket knife, some matches, a flashlight, a compass or trail map, and a whistle which can be used in times of emergencies. Some hikers bring along extra clothes and socks and extra food to eat on the trails as well.

For an ideal family experience, hiking the High Country’s trails can’t be beat. It’s inexpensive, enjoyable, educational and physically rewarding, and it also encourages you to appreciate and respect the environment.

There is an abundance of mountain biking in the High Country. Mountain biking is a very popular activity and there are many local bike shops in the area. Each year the High Country plays host to several bike races and biking events that are becoming popular among mountain bikers everywhere.

Whether you are mountain biking or biking on the road, you will love the experience of being able to bike in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.


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